México COVID-19, News – April 6, 2020

April 6th, 2020

México COVID-19, News

The Federal Labor Law states that in work suspension under Sanitary Emergency on grounds of Force Majeure, it will be the conciliation and arbitration board that determines the amount of compensation based on the worker’s salary for up to one month. A mutual agreement should be seek between employer and employee. The Federal Labor Defense Office “PROFEDET” addresses some frequently asked questions about the labor situation and COVID-19. Full Article in Spanish

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Measures to protect employees at risk.

Now that Mexico is in a Sanitary Emergency due to Force Majeure, if a company is one of those who can continue to work, the employees under the following description should be send home immediately with full pay and benefits:

  • Employees over 60-year-olds,
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Employees with disabilities or chronic non communicable diseases (such as high blood pressure, pulmonary or kidney failure, lupus, cancer, diabetes, obesity, liver or metabolic failure or heart disease)
  • Anyone under any condition or treatment that results in suppression of the immune system. Full Article in Spanish

Recommendations for employers and HR departments.

The Mexican Labor Authorities, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, have created some Guidelines for Workplaces. Here are some temporary recommendations and preventive measures. Full article in Spanish

  • Temporary suspension of non-essential activities in the workplace.
  • Suspension of all activities that require concentration, transit or displacement of persons to their workplace.
  • Temporarily suspension of mass events and meetings of more than 50 people.
  • Flexible hours, shift´s reorganization of shifts as well as the use of technologies to minimize direct contact, including home-office.
  • Allow high risk personnel to stay at home.
  • Avoid the return of sick workers without the relevant medical evaluation.
  • Encourage workers to leave in the presence of any symptoms of the virus.

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