Commercial Lines

Through an analysis of the needs and the objectives of your company, we provide advice on the design, selection and execution of risk management solutions needed to protect your company against risks that can affect the economic stability or your business continuity.

Bail Bonds

Guarantees the fulfillment of specific obligations requested by individuals in court proceedings or the judge or the law require a particular procedure to guarantee a particular act. There are criminal, civil, commercial, protection, family and property leasing bonds, among others.


Risk Management

Through coverage auditing processes and identifying the products and services of the insurance market that adjust to the needs of your business, we help you to design, evaluate and place the risk management programs to protect your business against risks that might affect the economic stability or your business continuity. Always seeking to achieve a positive balance between costs vs benefits for you business.

Advisory and Brokerage

Our team of certified profesionals will keep you informed of tendencies and innovations of products and services within the insurance market, and they help you define and execute the necessary engagement and negociation strategies to obtain the best cost, coverage and service conditions within the market. Through our service networks we offer you multinacional solutions.

Account Management

Our team of profesionals offer you a personalized service throughout the management and coordination for delivering the engaged products and services, including advise on coverage, benefits dissemination sessions, staff training and periodic reports with the progress of the established agreements.

Claims Management

The success of our business depends on the timely and satisfactory response when a loss occurs, therefore, our services covers activities that occur previously to, during or after the loss. The design of manuals and procedures for claming losses, advise and assistance for claiming losses, progress reports for claims in process and loss reports for decision making.

Risk Control

Good risk management requires solid foundations on risk control, therefore, in Fidex we offer overall solutions in the risk prevention that will allow you to continue operations and reduce the probability of economic losses. We have a network of highly experienced engineers and auditors that will help you reduce your risk exposure through practical recommendations that will enhance the performance of your business operations.

Information Technology

To offer an immediate response to the needs of your organization is a priority in our service delivery. Therefore, we offer you IT and communication systems that have the ability to be enabled for different user profiles within your organization. Through our online tools you can perform queries; quote; engage and print your insurance policies; inquire on the progress of your claims; receive loss reports; manage and obtain information of your multinational insurance programs.

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