México COVID-19, News – April 13th, 2020

México COVID-19, News

April 13th, 2020

In order to provide certainty and avoid doubt regarding the activities established that are considered essential and non-essential to implement the suspension of labors in Mexico, the government enlisted descriptions, details and special measures for the continuity of some non-essential activities & industries.

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Activities that are considered Essential and are authorized to continue operating.

  • Activities that are directly required to address the health contingency.
  • Activities involved with Public Safety and Civil Protection
  • Sectors deemed indispensable for the necessary operation of the economy
  • Activities dealing with the operation of the government’s social programs
  • Activities necessary for the conservation of critical infrastructure, safeguarding production and distribution of indispensable services, such as: clean water, electric energy, gas, fuel, gasoline, kerosene, basic sanitation, public transport, top hospital and medical infrastructure, among others that could classify within this category.
  • Activities that suspension thereof could cause irreversible damage and jeopardize continuation.

At the end of the suspension of non-essential activities and self-isolation, the Ministry of Health together with the Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Economy shall issue the guidelines for the tiered return of labor, economic and social activities by regions. Read Full Text

Companies which suspension of activities that could cause an irreversible impact to its operations.

Companies engaged in the manufacturing of steel, cement and glass shall perform the minimum activities necessary to avoid irreversible impact of its operation; therefore they shall inform the Ministry of Economy, at the following address: economia@economia.gob.mx Read Full text

For companies necessary for the conservation, maintenance and repair of the critical infrastructure safeguarding production and distribution of indispensable services: electric.

The carbon mines shall perform minimum activities to comply with the demand of the Federal Electricity Commission. Therefore, they shall inform the Ministry of Economy, at the following email: economia@economia.gob.mx. Read Full text

Downloads PDF here

Official Gazette 3103200

Official Gazette 06042020


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