México COVID-19, News – April 20,2020

México COVID-19, News

April, 20th, 2020

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Mexico declared Phase 3 of the emergency plan for Covid-19.

At this stage the exponential increase in contagion is expected, resulting in a high number of hospitalizations and the saturation of medical infrastructure. Therefore, the Government and the Health Council recommendations are to maintain social distancing and restriction of mobility among the Mexican population.

These new statement also include the possibility of extending the lockdown until June 1. However, it was emphasized that in the least-cased entities and those that manage to control the transmission of the virus, they will be able to lift measures from social distance on May 18, including school activities. Full Article

Private Hospitals to join Mexican Public Health System as a temporary measure.

The National Association of Private Hospitals A.C. and the Mexican Consortium of Hospitals A.C., will make available to the Federal Government 50% of their beds, with the aim of guaranteeing the care of right holders of public social security institutions, as well as users of the Institute of Health for Welfare leaving this as a precedent for the signing of a collaboration agreement effective from March 23 to May 23.

Private hospitals will be caring for social security rightholders by providing them with the services of: childbirth care, pregnancy and postpartum, caesarean sections, appendix diseases, complicated hernias, complicated gastric and duodenal ulcers, as well as endoscopies. This in order to avoid surpassing the capacity of the Public Social Security on attending Covid-19 cases. Full Article in Spanish

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