March 2020


Through this communication we inform you that, committed to the health and safety of our employees and their families, our clients, business partners and suppliers, with reference to the spread of the COVID – 19 virus, Fidex is taking the following preventive measures effective today, ensuring that our clients continue to receive a quality service without interruptions and the correct operation of our business.

  1. Home Office Work (HOW)

a. We are recommending that our employees work from home; in this sense, we confirm that the organization will operate on a normal basis, relying on the technological tools available to monitor and focus on business activities.

b. Currently some of our employees are already doing so in full-time and others on a part-time basis. If necessary, the number of collaborators working under this full-time modality will be expanded.

  1. Restriction of visits.

a. Visits to our clients’ offices will be limited with the aim of joining efforts to minimize the escalation of virus infections in our country, in this sense we will promote video conference meetings. At the same time, we are restricting international and domestic travel, unless strictly necessary.

b. If any of our clients consider that it is essential to have the presence in their offices of one of our collaborators, we will appreciate their understanding to limit the number of participants to one and the rest can join via video conference.

c. In our offices, we are restricting the visits of contractors, third parties, suppliers and visitors from abroad, unless they are indispensable to the production process and meet the necessary preventive measures.

We know that the current situation is creating uncertainty but we want to reassure our commitment to maintaining continuity of our operations and ensure that our customers will continue to receive uninterrupted quality service.

You may reach us by the traditional contact options. For any questions feel free to reach your main contact at Fidex, she or he will know how to answer or channel your questions to the corresponding area.

Finally, we appreciate your understanding and urge you to follow the recommendations issued by the government, so we will also be communicating to you in a timely manner any changes or measures we take in relation to this issue.


Fidex Executive Management

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